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A special note from outgoing Director Ellie Strosahl‏

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Supporters,
After 7 amazing years, I have decided to leave my role as Executive Director at The Seasons. Throughout this time, The Seasons has undergone one distinct change. We shifted from an organization that hugely relied on one funder's support, to become an organization that was supported by the community at large: audiences, donors, promoters, and volunteers.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to you, to tell you that I will miss seeing you at our shows, that I will miss you showing up to volunteer, and I will miss all of the support and appreciation you have contributed to this process. I will miss playing a role in the Yakima community and helping to create more opportunities for arts and culture in our community.
Having access to direct experience with creative process is vitally important to all of us, for reasons personal and universal. Many people now view The Seasons as an institution, a fixture, a cultural beacon, and a hub of activity. In truth and on paper, we operate on a tight budget and have for years.
The Board of Directors has made a fantastic hire in incoming Director, Ben Johnson. Ben, and The Seasons, will be counting on your continued support to bring this organization to its full potential as a community asset and regional center for the arts.
To each of you reading this letter: please understand that the only reason we have built The Seasons to the organization it is today is through your support. The importance of supporting this venue through volunteerism, in-kind donations, and through your financial contribution is vital. If you believe in what we bring to the community, please consider making a donation here in honor of the last 7 years, and to set it up for an even better 7 to come.
We created this together and we will continue it on together.
Thank you again for everything. It has been an honor.
Sincerely, Ellie Strosahl
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