Opening September 15th

Opening September 15th

Blake Noble - Australian Aboriginal Dot Art
For those who follow the music scene in Yakima, the name Blake Noble is most likely a familiar one, although fans may not be aware that this Australian-born musician's talents extend far beyond a 12-string guitar and Didgeridoo.

A lifelong fascination of the Australian Aboriginal culture began at the age of 13, when Blake first encountered the oldest wind instrument in the world - the Didgeridoo, or Yidaki, as it is known by the Aboriginal people. This experience was the start of both self-study and guided teachings into not only this musical instrument, but the artwork or 'dot art’ often found painted on Didgeridoos, and the relatively unknown Aboriginal religion, The Dreamtime. The creation stories of their religion utilize artwork depicting animals unique to Australia and symbolism that is sacred to the Aboriginal culture.

Before relocating from Byron Bay to Washington to pursue his musical career in 2012, Blake was given very rare permission from an Aboriginal elder to perform and teach Didgeridoo around the world. Over the last five years, music fans have become enthralled with his unique style of music, which focuses on this unique wind instrument and tribal rhythms, blending Australian Roots and American Rock. Blake's passion for the art and music of the oldest continuous culture on earth is now moving beyond the stage and to the canvas with his unique take on this ancient art form, Australian Aboriginal ‘Dot Art’.

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