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Thomas Chott is a native of Yakima, born in 1950 and 4th child in a family with 8 siblings. Chott says his "early influences in art were my 5th-grade teacher, Miss Ruth Reese and, my mother Daphne, who was able to instill in us an appreciation of nature and the beauty within." After Graduating from high school in 1968, he focused his interest in education and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a B.A. Degree, a Major in Physical Education, and a minor in Art. 

He has been painting for close to 40 years, using many of his works as gifts and bartering tools for "life's necessities". Recently, friends and family prompted him to get his work out where the public can see and appreciate it. Chott states that "dreams provided images enough to fan the imagination, enabling me to create these adventures into color, form, and texture". Currently, Thomas Chott is a Guest Teacher in the Shoreline School District and continuing his exploration into imagination through art.

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