The Seasons Performance Hall Presents

“Canticus,” Latin for “to sing,” is the name as well as the purpose of CANTICUS VOCAL ENSEMBLE. CANTICUS is a chamber choir which presents a variety of music from various genres and historical periods. CANTICUS serves the Central Washington area, performing choral music at a high artistic level suited for a small choir. C A N T I C U S Vocal Ensemble is one of the newest and exciting musical perormance groups to appear in the Central Washington region. The members come from an area that extends from Ellensburg, Yakima and to Sunnyside. The artistic goal of C A N T I C U S is to perform the choral art at a high level of chamber music. Members of C A N T I C U S are all accomplished singers and performers, some being music educators in the Central Washington community, as well as construction contractors, artists, professionals, and many various walks of life.